Open Cirrus™ at Intel Labs

This page contains directions for accessing the Open Cirrus cluster at Intel Labs (Pittsburgh, PA, USA). This cluster is designed to support academic research efforts, particularly research in cloud computing eiter funded by, or in collaboration with, Intel. If you are interested in using this site, please contact Michael Kozuch.

** Cluster Status **

Contact: Mike Kozuch to identify issues not listed here.

Connecting Remotely (SSH)

To access the cluster, ssh to

If you are unable to get onto this machine, and you are a previous collaborator who used the cluster, please contact your Intel sponsor to get access to the cluster.

Equipment Setup

The Open Cirrus testbed(also called the bigdata cluster) is isolated from the ILP lab network. At the moment, all traffic must go through the NAT or be tunnelled in through the SSH frontend.

Computational Systems - Maui & Torque

In addition to running Hadoop on our cluster, we are running Maui & Torque - a scheduler and a parallel batch system. The current pool of machines includes the 40 nodes in the hadoop cluster and 30 other nodes.

A wiki for Torque is available here.

Other useful resources include the list of Maui Commands and the Maui Users Manual.

Short version: Once you've gained access to bigdata, ssh to maui-torque. From here, you can run qsub, qstat, diagnose, and other Maui and Torque tools. When using a Maui tool, you must "sudo -u maui" first.

More Info

Computational Systems - Tashi

Tashi is an Apache Incubator project that manages virtual machines across a cluster. The webpage is here.

Short version: From bigdata, ssh to tashi. On this machine, cd into /usr/local/tashi to interact with Tashi. You can create, destroy, migrate, suspend, and resume virtual machines. Currently, images are stored on an NFS server - merkabah:/export/tashi/images.

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