Parallel Computing Lab at Intel Parallel Computing Lab at Intel



Our lab focuses on highly parallel computing applications from various compute-intensive consumer and enterprise market segments.

Our lab's goal is worldwide leadership in highly parallel computing, and to ensure Intel's leadership for this application segment. We also seek to be an industry role-model for application-driven architecture research. We work in close collaboration with leading academic and industry co-travelers to understand hardware and software architectural implications for Intel's upcoming multicore/manycore compute platforms.

Our current focuses are:

Architecture: "Feeding the beast" (memory) challenge, domain-specific support, massively threaded machines, and unstructured accesses.

Applications: Big Data, Machine Learning, Neuromorphic Computing, Extreme-Scale Computing, Multimodal real-time physical simulation, Behavioral simulation, Interventional medical imaging, Large-scale optimization (FSI) and Computational Biology.

Recent Achievements: